Our blogs will cover current affairs, news, issues that pertain to the general public, what people are talking about, and how they may affect all of us. We will express our views and accept readers’ comments. These comments and thoughts are welcome whether or not they coincide with ours. Any healthy and factual discourse is very welcome.

We ask that our readers and any commentators uphold high standards as they pertain to respect for themselves, others and us.

On occasion there will be blog sets published here because of the integrity of the value of their content, even if they disagree with the general lilt of the page.

  • The focus will be on the integrity and educational benefits to readers of what we hope will enrich their thoughts and ours.
  • On selected days, we will put up sections entitled “Grammar Watch” which will appear in the form of common grammatical errors. We would usually follow up with the correct usage if those constructs.
  • There will also be an section captioned “Potpouri”. In this section just about anything related to the prior contents could be revisited based on comments or feedback from readers. We may choose to include healthy recipes from time to time.(we would also endeavor to include some uplifting and soothing music this could be classical or sacred).