Covid-19, one more time.

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   I write about this scorch because it is here with us. It has really been here and does not seem to be ending. Despite the efforts of our scientists, medical practitioners, with our current administration that believes in and pursues management by science and medicine, Covid-19 is still in a rampage in America and worldwide. Isn’t it time that we stop the “machismo” about taking the right precautions against this!

   The thing that gets me is that despite all the vaccination and safety precaution being taken by many among us, we hear and read of variants of this affliction still ravaging our families and friends, and those far flung from our shores. What is wrong? What is not quite right?  “What to do now”?

   I write, not as an expert, but as a listener to our experts, both volunteers and paid professionals: all, I believe, concerned and caring citizens, not just here in the United States of America; but all over the world.

   First, are these vaccinations effective?  If so to what extent? I will trust the experts and say “YES”. Second, how long does it take for a vaccinated individual to become immunized and for how long does the immunity last for each make of “serum”? From what I have been reading and commentaries I’ve been listening to, some people have become infected from Covid-19 even after they have been vaccinated and a few have died from the infection, despite the assertion that these individuals have also been immunized, (or acquired immunity). What is wrong here? We have unvaccinated people who may get infected, and some of them who may die, but among the vaccinated, and hopefully immunized, death from covid-19 and the so – called variant is still occurring – I read of a healthy 19-year-old who got infected and died after getting the “jab”; and recently, about half of the people in a group that got infected (somewhere in Massachusetts and Oregon) were actually infected by a Covid-19 variant. Why?

   Is the duration of the effectiveness of immunization with regard to this health hazard short lived? What do we need to do beyond the hard work of the Biden administration to keep us from being infected and dying from the dreaded Covid-19.

   I certainly like to believe that our experts are looking at serious discourse and research to make sure we get more effective sera that would ensure longer lasting immunity for all. Should the experts recommend that we seriously review the efficacy of our current vaccines and discard those that don’t work well and more adequately fund those that are more effective than the others? Why not!

   What do we do? We have come from darkness (denial and inaction), to embracing the truth and working on solutions to safeguard us from this disease.

   It is sad that many leaders have chosen the path of denial of science and many keep avoiding the simple choice of encouraging people to abide by the simple: as one governor once declared, “put on the damn mask”!  Should we not continue to socially distance? Should we not continue to hand sanitize? Do we not think we should watch when and where and what we eat?

   I am not an expert, but for my family, if I can’t kill the unseen by “nuking or denaturing” the “unseen” in that veggie, or meat, we don’t eat it here, for now at least, until this thing is really check-mated and I believe that with the effort of our leaders that believe in listening to medical and scientific experts for guidance, we shall overcome this disease, I’m convinced. Before then, let us take the basic precaution previously mentioned and that all of us are already aware of.

   I sympathized with those who have business to run and want to keep our economy healthy in many ways. I really get it, but did we and do we still need to rush it? Do we? Really? Why not wait a little and do it right than to rush now to open, then close and re-open again?

   We, must remember that it is better to spend the time to do anything right the first time around, than to waste time trying to fix that which went wrong that we did not do due diligence upon to do right the first time.


  1. Wash your hands always (with soap and water).
  2. Sanitize your hands.
  3. Mask up always.
  4. Keep (6 ft) safe distance.
  5. Cover your cough etc …

   Yes, when we rush too much, too soon, we frequently find ourselves in situations where “haste makes for waste”!

   Please, people, stay well, live well and enjoy robust health of mind and body

May God bless us!!!

   We need patience, understanding, with adherence to medicine and science to overcome covid -19 or any other pandemic. Let us take all necessary precaution now so we can live better later.

May God help us and bless us

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